Monitoring Power Automate Box

Monitoring Power Automate Box

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Item No.: RDF-F8
Dimension(mm): 35*85*115

Product Detail

Monitoring Power Automate Box

1. A silicone rubber gasket is for better sealing and waterproof.

2. Bosses on internal base allow fixing PCB.

3. Four/Six stainless steel screws fix in the lid.

4. It can be mounted on the wall or panels by the external mounting brackets.

5. Corrosionin resistance, terference resistance, rain resistance.

Item No.:




Processing Customized

Can be customized according to customer requirements


Logo can be printed according to customer requirements


Q: What's the standard color of your boxes?
A: Dark grey.

Q: Are your boxes waterproof?
A: Yes. 

Q: How many sizes do you have of the enclosures?
A: More than 100 types.

Q: Do you offer logo printing service?
A: Yes, we do.

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