What are the processing points of cast aluminum waterproof box?

- 2021-03-29-

What are the processing points of cast aluminum waterproof box? Cast aluminum waterproof box main material is aluminum alloy, his characteristic is stronger, but also more stable. And aluminum alloy relative to other materials to light weight, has excellent heat dissipation performance. It is not easy to react with other substances and has excellent anti-corrosion properties. It is one of the best shell materials at present. Therefore, the performance of the aluminum waterproof box is self-evident.

The processing points of cast aluminum waterproof box are:

1, surface treatment: spraying, and phosphating, or oxidation.

2. The riveting parts can often be pressed before and after coating.

3, the choice of materials is generally the choice of high quality aluminum plate or aluminum alloy plate, sometimes also choose with magnesium or other materials of alloy as material.

4, the form of its structure is diversified, often can be processed according to some specific structure provided by the customer, but also can be provided by the customer's internal installation parts and requirements from our company to carry out some specific structure design.

5, special welding is often will not destroy the coating of the galvanized sheet resistant to fingerprint points, so that the inside of the box is more beautiful, and more anticorrosion.

6, sealing processing is the focus of the waterproof box cover and the size of the box body and the shape of the rubber strip is complete. If it's not waterproof, it's not a waterproof box.