What are the quality requirements of the cast aluminum junction box?

- 2021-03-29-

Cast aluminum junction box Due to the characteristics of the metal itself, cast aluminum waterproof junction box adopts silicon aluminum alloy. Alsi12 die-casting. The cast aluminum waterproof box has a strong ability to adapt to the environment by applying the process of phosphating spraying on the outer surface. Compared with the similar plastic junction box, the cast aluminum junction box also has the characteristics of heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, anti-static, flame retardant, etc. The static working temperature of -60℃ -- 130℃ can better adapt to the high and low temperature environment where the equipment is located. Each product is equipped with metal hanging feet to facilitate the wall fixed equipment, the bottom of the device boss pre-made screw thread for components device cast aluminum junction box non-toxic and non-radiation: quartz stone appearance is smooth, smooth and no scratches retention, can be directly in contact with food, safe and non-toxic! Quality quartz stone with selected natural quartz crystal mineral, its SiO2 content beyond 99.9% above, and in the manufacturing process to purify, raw materials do not contain any may lead to radiation of heavy metal impurities, 94% quartz crystal and other resin additives make quartz stone without the risk of radiation pollution.

For the cast aluminum junction box, the quality requirement is very important, because it has to be exposed to the outside. Therefore, the three quality requirements for the cast aluminum junction box are as follows:

The main material of the cast aluminum junction box is aluminum alloy. Because of the nature of the aluminum alloy material, the cast aluminum junction box is more corrosion resistant than other junction boxes. The junction box is small, but it plays an important role. The quality of the junction box should be waterproof, anticorrosive and compression resistant. Cast aluminum junction box meets these three points. It is made of waterproof box production technology and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy material, plus curved panel space structure, which is an ideal choice.