What are the general accessories for the waterproof junction box?

- 2021-03-29-

Waterproof junction box is often used in construction, coal mine, the cabin, outdoor electrical, communications, fire equipment, steel smelting, oil chemical industry, electronics, electric power, railway, construction site, mining, quarry, airport, hotel, ships, large factories, coastal factories, discharge port and other equipment, is one of the electrical wiring material. So, what are the accessories commonly used in the waterproof junction box?

First, the vast majority of waterproof junction boxes need holes, holes must be based on the size of the cable and the number of cables, generally a cable with a cable joint or a cable with a hole, can also be a total of multiple cables with a hole (with porous cable joints).

Second, waterproof junction box must be equipped with cable connector, otherwise the waterproof effect can not meet the requirements.

Third, waterproof junction box can not only play the circuit switching waterproof, most of the time but also in the waterproof connector installation control components, such as terminals, instrumentation, frequency converter, relay, etc., these products should be fixed inside the waterproof connector, some available guide rail, to put on a plate, so the waterproof connector also deserve to guide or install the base plate.

Fourth, the fixing of the waterproof junction box at the site, the general waterproof junction box can be installed without any fixed accessories, because it has a built-in installation hole, but sometimes the site to install the waterproof junction box outside, it will be equipped with the installation wall purchase.

Therefore, the main accessories of the waterproof junction box are: cable connector, terminal, rail guide, installation base plate, installation wall hook, etc.