How to choose waterproof cast aluminum junction box correctly.

- 2021-03-29-

1. Choose the sealing grade correctly

IP protection level is a very important factor when choosing waterproof junction boxes. According to IEC-60529, the number of IP(Ingress Protection) is the ability of the shell to resist the intrusion of solid particles, and the second number is the protection ability of the shell against water droplets. Tenset waterproof cast aluminum junction box IP grade all up to IP67, which means that it can adapt to the harsh environment.

IP class is only defined for the shell, but the equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation. That is to say, if the waterproof junction box needs to be installed with cable waterproof joints, the protection level should be higher than that of the box (the mainstream waterproof cable joints on the market can meet the standard of IP68).

2. Choose the right size

Of course, the choice of the correct size of the waterproof box is first based on the size of the existing components and the position of the equipment to be placed to decide. However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether the space is enough. It is also important to note whether the reference dimensions provided by the junction box supplier are external or internal dimensions. The space available for installation is usually less than the interior dimensions provided, which should also be noted.

3. Note which parts are included in the standard configuration of the product

Most manufacturers (especially domestic manufacturers) have product numbers that do not indicate which standard parts are included. It is generally understood that a junction box contains the cover, the body of the box, the sealing strip and the cover screw. According to different needs, manufacturers will also be equipped with such as wall fixed Angle, installation floor, cable joints and other optional accessories. To avoid trouble later, it is important to know what is standard and what is optional before you place an order.

4. Long-term working environment of equipment

As a rule, only buy what is right, not what is expensive. Waterproof junction box according to the different prices of materials also have great differences. Before selection, you should first find out whether the equipment works indoors or outdoors for a long time. If it is the former, we recommend ABS waterproof junction box with relatively low price. ABS can fully meet the general needs of indoor with its excellent comprehensive performance. If it is the best outdoor environment using polycarbonate waterproof junction box, it has better weather resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, UV resistance, anti-aging and other properties than ABS material products, of course, the price is also higher.