How is the waterproof Junction Boxes waterproof?

- 2021-09-22-

First of all, this kind of Junction Boxes must have a waterproof effect, and its materials should have a waterproof effect. At present, among our common large materials, the waterproof effect is mainly plastic, rubber, metal and other materials. Metal is obviously unrealistic for Junction Boxes. The main thing is that metal is a conductor. Using it as a material for Junction Boxes can easily lead to leakage accidents. The rubber is easy to age and is not easy to form, so there is only one functional requirement of the plastic junction box.
In addition to the choice of materials, there is another point in its design structure. The structure is a key factor restricting its waterproof effect. A reasonable structure design can effectively avoid rainwater caused by various wind directions.
There is also an efficient waterproof setting with a silicone seal ring, which can increase the waterproof performance by 5 times.