How to make the motor junction box waterproof?

- 2021-09-24-

1. The easiest way is to apply a layer of sealant, then turn the hole, and lead out.
2. In the home decoration, the junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because the wires used for decoration pass through the wire tube, and the junction box is used for the connection part of the wire (for example, the line is relatively long, or the wire tube needs to be cornered) For transition purposes, the wire tube is connected to the junction box, and the wires in the wire tube are connected in the junction box to protect the wires and connect the wires. This is the junction box.

3. Generally, the domestic junction box is 86 type. The so-called 86 type line box refers to the outer diameter of the switch socket panel is 86x86mm, the line box is 86x86mm, the cassette is 75x75mm, and it is equipped with a junction box cover (or directly equipped with a switch and Socket panel), generally made of PVC and tin box material.